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Information on visitor and tourist visas


EU nationals do not require a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany.

Generally speaking, all other foreigners do require a visa for stays in Germany. A visa is not required for visits of up to 90 days in a 180 day period for nationals of those countries for which the European Union has abolished the visa requirement.

You will find an overview on visa requirements here: Overview by country of visa requirements/exemptions

Should you require a Schengen Visa, you will have to book an appointment through our online booking system and personally hand in the application at the Embassy.

The following documents must be submitted (Please do not staple the documents.):
Application form, completed in full, legibly and in German
● Valid passport (valid for at least three months after the expiry of the visa), which must have at least two empty pages, original and one copy
● Two recent biometric photos (taken within the previous six months)
● Travel health insurance for the entire duration of the visa being applied for (minimum coverage of 30,000 euros), valid for all Schengen states, in the original with a copy
● For children travelling alone: declaration of consent and valid passports of the parents for inspection or official documentation stating that the parents do not have valid passports

Purpose of travel: visit to relatives, friends, acquaintances

● Letter of invitation providing, as a minimum, the following information: surname, first name, date of birth, nationality and passport number of the person to whom the invitation has been extended. Furthermore: date and purpose of the trip, frequency of trips and, if applicable, names of accompanying persons. Letter of invitation in German containing the address of the private accommodation and a legible copy of the passport/ID card of the person extending the invitation

Purpose of travel: tourism

● Hotel reservation(s), proof of mode of transport (airline tickets, train/bus tickets, proof of own motor vehicle, hired car)


● Proof of adequate own financial resources (e.g. savings book, proof of earnings, bank statement with the account transactions of at least the last three months – mere information from bank stating the current balance is not enough), as well as submission of the hotel reservation or other proof verifying accommodation
● Declaration of commitment from the person extending the invitation, issued by the competent foreigners authority, in the original with a copy

In addition, the following documents must be presented (in the original with a copy):

In the case of business owners: Entry in the companies register
In the case of employees: Employment certificate
In the case of students: Certificate of study and study record for inspection
In the case of school pupils: School certificate or confirmation of exemption from classes
In the case of pensioners: Proof of pension
In the case of entry for medical treatment: Confirmation of the hospital on date/duration of treatment and assumption of costs of the treatment or proof of payment in advance as well as proof regarding the financing of the trip and accommodation

The visa fee is 90 euros.
The spouses of Germans and EU nationals are exempt from this charge.

Minors must be accompanied by their parents when submitting their application. If both parents are not present in person when the application is submitted, the absent parent must present confirmation that he/she agrees to the visa application at the German Embassy and to the child’s trip to Germany. The signature on the authorisation must be certified by a public authority. The certification must be confirmed by an apostille. If only one parent has parental responsibility, proof of this must be provided (e.g. judgment on parental responsibility or divorce decree, if applicable certificate of death).
In individual cases, the Embassy may demand that other documents be presented.
Please note that incomplete applications cannot be processed.

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